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what can genji deflect

Overwatch | Which Ultimates Can Genji Deflect? - YouTube

Steven Hill|11 days ago
5/26/2016 · Can Genji deflect other Heroes' ultimates? Let's find out! Don't forget to Like Comment Subscribe for daily gaming videos! Follow me on Twitter: http...

What Can Genji Deflect (Ashe Edition) - YouTube

Thomas Evans|8 days ago
11/29/2018 · An annual Genji Deflect guide for 2018. Mythbusting previous comments, Now including Wrecking Ball, Brigitte and Ashe, Counting the results at the end. Times...

Overwatch: these are the Ultimates Genji can deflect - VG247

Edward Williams|22 days ago
5/26/2016 · Overwatch: these are the Ultimates Genji can deflect. Genji uses arrows, bullets and Shuriken as his main arsenal, and he is also able to block the majority of the other Heroes’ Ultimates.

Deflect | Overwatch Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Robert Roberts|4 days ago
Genji can accomplish hero-specific achievements from other heroes thanks to this ability, assuming the designated requirements are made. For example, Genji and deflect Ana's sleep dart into an ulting enemy (Nap Time), or Mei's ultimate and freezes 4 enemies in the process (Cold Snap). Patch changes

Genji: Things He Can And Can't Deflect : Overwatch - reddit

Daniel Wilson|22 days ago
11/13/2015 · I think using a sword to deflect anything is silly, Using a sword to channel an ancestral dragon spirit is silly too. I'm pretty much just writing he and and his brother off as "wizards", it's why he can jump in midair and Hanzo can fire arrows that are more lethal than military-grade explosives.

Genji - Overwatch Wiki

Christopher Evans|23 days ago
The list of projectiles Genji can reflect is nearly identical to the list of projectiles D.Va's Defense Matrix can block, but with the added bonus of being able to negate damage from Melee and physical attacks, such as Winston's Primal Rage or Reinhardt's Rocket Hammer. Genji can deflect

overwatch - What can Genji deflect? - Arqade - Stack Exchange

Ronald Moore|1 days ago
11/16/2016 · Genji can also use his Deflect while his Dragonblade his activated but doing so will not increase the damage deflected. As a general rule, Genji cannot deflect beam attacks such as Zarya’s primary fire, Mei’s primary fire, Symmetra’s primary fire, or Winston’s Tesla Cannon.

What Can Genji Deflect? - Hollywood.com Esports

Donald Williams|13 days ago
11/9/2017 · To be fair in my bias I hate Genji anyway, but is he able to just deflect the orb whenever he feels like it for the full duration, or just at the initial lob? If it's the initial lob then that's peachy, but if he can deflect it at any point of its duration that's annoying as shit.

Genji can deflect Moira's healing orb too : Overwatch - reddit

Mark Turner|7 days ago
4/25/2018 · Genji can deflect Moira's balls? User Info: BakusaiTenketsu. BakusaiTenketsu 1 year ago #1. Was playing Moira on Defense in Hollywood tonight and fired a damage orb at the enemy group and Genji deflected it right back at our team. That's worse than D.Va eating them all together >_>.

Genji can deflect Moira's balls? - Overwatch Message Board ...

Michael Taylor|5 days ago
5/27/2019 · If you take that talent and can’t aim somewhere else or cancel it, you deserve to die. Not going to lie, I’ve taken disintegrate into Genji before but I took it for a purpose and I made myself wary of the Genji’s deflect so I’ve always been ready to cancel or redirect at any time.

Why can Genji reflect the Li-Ming beam? - General ...

John Lewis|11 days ago
10/16/2018 · Deflect can't cause any melee damage as far as I'm concerned only projectile. Maybe he reflected one of your teammates shots back at you and you didn't notice? Correct, genji only deflects projectiles. Melees and weapons like moira's, Winston's, zarya's, sym's... His deflect does nothing.

Genji Deflect Question - Overwatch Message Board for ...

Anthony Moore|30 days ago
Genji's Dragonblade can damage multiple targets with a single slice. Alternate between Swift Strike and Dragonblade swing (if possible) to stay mobile while dealing damage. If Dragonblade runs out after you use Deflect, the ability will be canceled. Deflect and Swift Strike can still …

Genji | Overwatch Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

William Edwards|18 days ago
1/26/2018 · Deflect works on any attack that hits it, redirecting the attack in the direction Genji chooses. There’s no particular reason this shouldn’t work on a nuke. The real question is, “How can a nuke only affect the enemy team?” And the answer is, “It’...

Genji - Heroes of the Storm Wiki

David Green|19 days ago
Genji is classified as a damage character in Overwatch, wielding his technologically-advanced katana and his swift shuriken to take down enemies. He has 24 shuriken that he can wield before needing to reload. He can throw three of them in quick succession, or throw three at once in a wider spread.

How can Genji deflect nukes? - Quora

Anthony Evans|6 days ago
Genji's voiceline during match set up, "While I wait for God's forgiveness unnoticed, many are the years of pain I have endured" is a poem composed by the fictional Hikaru Genji …

Genji (Overwatch) - Wikipedia

Michael Williams|19 days ago
5/10/2019 · What do you think about genji's deflect? ... Deflect is balanced, you can just stop attacking or stun/silence him. Also those deflect talents (especially at 16/20) are so niche and not even the best ones that they rarely cause a problem. KYX-21270 2019-05-10 14:45:26 UTC #6.